California cannabis packaging will be required to carry warning labels for expectant mothers, after an obscure state agency ruled that THC may be harmful to their developing children.

Though the decision won’t take effect for a year, its impact is being debated immediately. The specter of lawsuits targeting cannabis companies has been raised, according to Associated Press.
Associated Press

  • The state’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee on Wednesday voted in favor of warning language on labels. The committee did this after consulting available research on cannabis impacts on both humans and animals.
  • The vote also puts THC and bud smoke on a list of chemicals known to cause birth defects and developmental problems. 
  • Some in the industry have taken issue with the decision, as the committee researched only weed smokers and not users of lotions, tictures, or vapes. The studies “produced conflicting results,” according to Ellen Komp, California NORML deputy directory. 

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  1. Tara Carver of the Humboldt Growers Alliance recently submitted to a phone interview from the Emerald Triangle. She talked about cultivators coming out of the shadows, advocating beyond the profit motive, and following the three P’s of “people, place, and prosperity.”
  2. Last month, two trimmers who worked for Cali Pura — a cultivation contractor hired by Salinas’ Loud Buddha — are suing both companies for violating Fair Labor Standards Act provisions and the California labor code. The complaint alleges among its 11 counts that Loud Buddha and Pura Cali, made workers toil 12-hour days, for entire weeks, prohibited employees from leaving its remote mountain location, and failed to provide meal breaks.
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