Blunts & Moore, located in a big, lustrous warehouse across from the Coliseum and Oracle Arena, is a pioneering company: America’s first-ever up-and-running dispensary brought in under a municipal social equity program.

But if that’s all Blunts & Moore offered, its co-owners would be little more than future trivia questions.

  • “We found our equity partner, an Oakland native, through a friend of a friend of my mom,” said Moore. “When I found out his name was Blunt I was like, this is meant to be, we are going to have a dispensary,” said Moore. The family friend was Michael Marshall, who most know as the vocalist on the Luniz‘s anthem, “I Got 5 On It.”
  • Alfonso Blunt hails from East Oakland and his hip-hop community connections bring at least as much value as his name. As a teen, Blunt was busted for pot. In Oakland, equity programs have to be at least half operated by people who have been convicted of a weed-related crime or someone who has lived in one of the 20 or so districts with disproportionate numbers of cannabis-related arrests for half of the last two decades.

Quick Hit

  1. On the heels of DenverColorado’s move to legalize psilocybin — and Oregon’s initial inquiries — Oakland held a psychedelics decriminalization hearing.
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