It can seem the only names that matter in cannabis news are the growth-hungry multistate operators backed by driven by faceless investors. But they are not California cannabis.

Small operators are everything to Mary Jane in this state. Take the Monterey County manufacturer Sparx Cannabis, which has a couple of big grows and a distribution center that it’s planning to expand into manufacturing. Beyond that, “the only growth Sparx is planning in the near future is cultivating plants and sales to consumers.”
The Californian

  • The vertically-integrated manufacturer’s prime objective is building out its grow, a process that will boosttake its number of employees from 50 to 65 or 70.
  • “We’re big enough to raise money to survive, but the CEO knows every farmworker. We do barbecue every Friday and encourage employees to be community oriented and charity focused,” said Sparx President Jared Helfant.

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