Many saw the public-health sense in closing REC stores. However, across the sector, insiders protested Ontario’s initial refusal to legalize REC delivery or pick-up options, particularly given the government needed only to amend regulations as they had already with rules governing alcohol delivery. (Ontario adopted “Temporary Measures to Support Bars, Restaurants and Alcohol Retailers.”)
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In a surprising about-face, the Ontario government approved an emergency order not only allowing retailers to continue click-and-collect sales, but allowing them–for 14 days–to deliver their products to customers (provided delivery people have received the provincial CannSell training). For 14 days, retailers will compete with the OCS’s usual monopoly on delivery.
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  • The bill was signed into law on Tuesday afternoon, allowing REC retailers to again offer click-and-collect services online or by phone. Retailers who want to offer delivery services will have to figure out how to do so quickly.

REC delivery is only fully legally available in two mid-population provinces–Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Critics wonder why delivery isn’t also available in Alberta (and other provinces) if REC is “essential” and delivery could reduce indoor crowding.
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