WeedWeek admires the work of senior Capitol adviser Nicole Elliott, from her broadly revered work as San Francisco’s top cannabis regulator to her willingness to face tough questions from at-best confused audiences all around the state. But last weekend an Elliott podcast session with a couple of surly and spottily-informed San Diego newspapermen made us concerned for her as well.
San Diego Union-Tribune/SoundCloud

  • The curiously-unnamed podcast team first took Elliott to task for “The Wack-a-Mole of shutting down these shops,” arguing that targeting landlords works better. She countered by outlining resources and measures the state deployed as a means to slow down illicit cannabis. “Thoughtful enforcement,” she told them, is only part of a holistic plan. 
  • The nearly-21-minute interview additionally touches on Weedmaps advertising complaints and delivery services, which operate with relative freedom, despite most counties opposing marijuana sales. “Do you accept the interpretation that delivery services should be allowed to go anywhere?” As with Weedmaps, Elliott couldn’t comment in specifics. “Just because yo chosen not to participate in the regulated market doesn’t lead to a lack of unregulated activity in your jurisdiction.”
  • Correction: Off-air — and by off-air we mean on Twitter — Elliot corrected an item in last week’s newsletter that said the state’s social equity grants would be awarded next May. In fact the grants may be as late as the end of June, but can go out earlier. She added that the Governor’s budget for equity grants has been raised by $30M. We regret the error.