After holders of 70 licenses failed to renew on time or had past due taxes, Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board is cracking down.
Nevada Independent

  • Well into July, 11 licensees—holding 22 permits—hadn’t submitted renewal paperwork or fees, according to Tyler Klimas, the board’s executive director. 
  • Klimas added that 18 licensees holding a collective 48 licenses had outstanding tax debts ranging from $500 to $4M, reaching as far back as March of last year. 
  • Tax scofflaws were notified that delinquent licenses would be cut off from the state’s tracking database unless they paid off their levies or worked out payment plans with the Department of Taxation. All have paid up or are working out plans.
  • “With these guardrails in place, CCB staff now has the tools to ensure licensees understand that full compliance, including any tax obligations, must be fully resolved before license renewal will be considered,” Klimas said.

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