As reported previously, cities previously opposed to having the cannabis industry within their limits are experiencing quarantine-driven come-to-Jesus moments and putting weed commerce on the ballot. Let’s spotlight legal weed’s latest likely converts, Vacaville and Fullerton.
The Reporter/Fullerton Observer

  • This week Fullerton, an Orange County city staring down at least $9M in budget shortfall, voted to send a proposed cannabis taxation ordinance to its planning commission. In 2017 the city responded to the previous year’s state passage of Prop. 64 by banning REC locally.
  • On Tuesday, the City Council of Vacaville, a Solano County municipality of nearly 100,000, will decide whether to allow a ballot measure to impose a business tax on cannabis, this after voting to continue its ban last year. 
  • For all the backlog and disorder caused by lack of municipality buy-in, there’s at least wisdom born of sideline sittin’ and illicit market supportin’: “The evolution of cannabis policy within California has shown that tax rates must not be so overburdening that operators choose to remain in the illegal market,” wrote the authors of Vacaville’s cannabis report.

Quick Hit

  • So you’re interested in defunding the police, yet love how they protect your business. What’s the workaround?