This week, a pot prohibition group called Better Milpitas provided the energy behind the Silicon Valley suburb’s council reversal of plans to vote on taxing pot businesses within its city limits. On its website, Better Milpitas claims, “People in Milpitas have spoken loud and clear again against marijuana.”

Have they though?
Milpitas Beat

  • Independent of Better Milpitas’ claims of total victory, the tax measure brought a shitload of emails to City Hall, both for and against. The prohibitionist side, however, was distinct in submitting emails whose substance were exact copies of a template provided by Better Milpitas.
  • The measure would have represented a step toward legalization in Milpitas. 
  • The one vote of dissent, Councilmember Anthony Phan, addressed residents who in their public comments said any councilmembers who voted in favor of cannabis would be voted out. “That’s not how democracy works,” Phan said.

Quick Hit

  1. The greenhouse owners calling themselves Ventura County Citizens for Responsible Cannabis had until yesterday’s “soft deadline” to gather enough signatures to make the November 3 ballot.
    VC Star