Against mounting public outrage in Ontario about migrant workers’ COVID deaths, activists circulated a video purporting to show poor housing conditions for temporary foreign farm workers at a bunkhouse operated by Aphria partner Double Diamond Farms.
The Star, CBC Windsor

Jason Longden, former CEO of struggling Pasha Brands–now the BC Craft Supply Company–was compensated a total $1,017,506 for six months of work last year. President, director, and executive chairman Patrick Brauckmann received $737,656 in compensation in 2019.
The Straight

  • Pasha lost $4.65M in the first quarter of 2020, with net revenues of $15,052, and employees went reportedly unpaid “for months.”

Financial analyst Aaron Salz warned capital remains scarce for cannabis companies, especially for startups and private companies, and those who can get it pay a premium.

Namaste Technologies CEO Meni Morim resigned as a director of Calgary choclatier Choklat, of which Namaste owns 49%. Morim’s resignation was due to “disagreements between [him] and the management of Choklat.”

Former Aurora CEO Terry Booth sold more than 60% (114,000) of his Aurora shares  for $2,013,468.

Organigram announced–as expected-it would change the name of its Trailer Park Boys REC brand Trailer Park Buds, which likely violated Cannabis Act prohibitions against celebrity endorsements.
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