Charlotte Figi, the 13-year-old Colorado MED patient who helped normalize CBD, died last week likely of COVID-19. Many Canadian MED patients and advocates were shaken by her death.
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  • Cannabinoid treatment for pediatric patients remains controversial in Canada, with few doctors willing to prescribe MED (even CBD) to children.
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Ahead of next year’s scheduled review of the federal MED program, patients say they want faster access, pharmacists dispensing, lower prices, and more guidance. Others complain MED products are sometimes more expensive than REC equivalents.
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A team of scholars affiliated with the BC Centre on Substance Use published a paper on harm-reduction programs distributing cannabis to drug consumers in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES). It found cannabis helped consumers use fewer opioids, and to take the edge off lower doses or withdrawal. Cannabis also helped with pain, appetite, and sleep problems.
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  • Study co-authors Prof. Ryan McNeil and Dr. Jenna Valleriani each have threads worth reading about the research, while co-author Dr. Rielle Capler stressed the programs remain illegal and require political pressure to change laws.
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