More than five hundred diverse, curated invitees came to the second installment of Meadowlands, point-of-sale stalwart Meadow‘s “weed camp” in the Redwoods. Amid the education and partaking, there was archery and fellowship. And somThough it managed to be joyful in a way only cannabis can guarantee, the overall mood, was broke and blue, and intermittently bitter.

For this reporter, a high point was hearing Dr. Bronner’s progeny talk about hallucinogens while puffing on on his gentle-yet-effective new cannabis brand. That felt like it meant something, like at least household chores won’t ever be the same.
WeedWeek/Marijuana Business Daily

  • During an early afternoon break in Saturday’s session, DJ Chemistry played The Temptations’ psychedelic classic “Ball of Confusion” at ear-splitting decibles. The song’s engagement of ancient American dilemmas seemed to encapsulate 2019 weed commerce. One camper complained to a panel of local regulators, “I feel like I’m in the compliance business, opined one frustrated entrepreneur, not the cannabis business.”
  • Growers from farflung outposts aired their issues. Dr. Tammy K. Brazil CEO of Trinity County’s The Red Barn Healing Angels told a Saturday panel that too much of her funds are tied up in required security. The nearest companies to her remote dispensary, Brazil said, are in Humboldt County and Redding, both of which are hours away. In an email to WeedWeek Brazil wrote, “I’m having Live-On Site Security, as well as IN dispensary while open hours. requiring 3 Security Guards in a week period.”