For San Anselmo prohibitionists, the problem with cannabis isn’t that the stuff is illegal. The rub is that marijuana is not illegal enough. On Monday the Marin municipality approved an ordinance that closed a “loophole” in San Anselmo’s ban.

The town’s Planning Director called the language in question, “almost like an encouragement for someone to apply. Marin Independent Journal

  • The provision in question had given the town the ability to make exceptions to its 2017 ban. (Two applicants were “put on hold” when the prohibition was put in place.) Commissioners stopped short of endorsing a General Plan amendment proposal that would more emphatically shut the door on weed. “I do not want to send the message loud and clear for the world to hear that we never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to see cannabis in San Anselmo,” said Commissioner Matthew Brasler. 
  • Meanwhile, Marin County may approve its third MED delivery service since July. The first two have yet to open. 


Quick Hit

  1. In San Francisco, a neighborhood organization has opposed the opening of a new dispensary, on the grounds that too many children live near the planned location. Potrero View