Why are we so certain writer-activist Madison Margolin is the closest thing to legal weed royalty California has to offer? That she’d undoubtedly find that sentence appalling is a start. The matter is cinched by her having the likes of Timothy Leary brought home by her father, the immortal Bruce Margolin
High Times

  • Now co-editor of the psychedelics-focused DoubleBlind magazine, Margolin attended Leary’s memorial along with Ram Dass and so many heavies. Years later she would connect spiritual teachings with the drug culture. 
  • “I’m thinking that psychedelics are about five to ten years behind cannabis,” says Margolin.
  • Her sister Allison is, like Bruce Margolin, a longtime cannabis defense attorney.

Quick Hit

  1. Zide Door is an entheogenic church, meaning it treats psilocybin as a sacrament. According to Zide Door’s preacher, on August 13, 20 Oakland police officers raided the church. Meanwhile, WeedWeek‘s Ngaio Bealum points out that cannabis in worship is a time-honored tradition.