In mid-March, the departments of Fish and Wildlife and Food and Ag seized 17,772  pre-rolls, 7,162 jars of flower and more than 1,400 pounds of bud from a San Luis Obispo County grow allegedly run by Lowell Herb Co. Now the CDFA is suing Lowell’s David Elias and Brett Vapnek for allegedly engaging in commercial cannabis activity without a license. 
Cal Coast News

  • Attorney General Xavier Beccera’s lawsuit alleges that from December of last year Lowell had been processing cannabis without a license. Lowell’s penalty could ultimately be more than $27,000 a day. 
  • The suit points to the much-discussed harm done to state-sanctioned weed by unlicensed grows.
  • Lowell Farms released a statement that said, in part, “We have never released a product to the market that has not been tested in a State-licensed testing facility.  All Lowell products are sourced and sold exclusively in California’s legal cannabis marketplace.”

Quick Hit

  • In a chase that led to Highway 101, Santa Rosa Police failed to apprehend six black men who allegedly robbed a dispensary. Fleeing through Rohnert Park, the suspects left a trail of bud behind them.