This weekend’s Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park has long been one of the West Coast’s stoniest. As of Wednesday, the three-day event became the state’s first cannabis-permited temporary event. “Brands selling cannabis and festival attendees consuming it at Outside Lands is an extremely significant milestone in the timeline of cannabis acceptance,” said Jetty Extracts’ Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Forstot.
San Francisco Chronicle

  • A dozen cannabis companies will be positioned in a part of the park that’s being called Grass Lands. San Francisco regulations call for consumption areas to being set apart and hidden.
  • Despite the festival starting on Friday, prospective vendors did not know the licensing outcome until two day prior. “I’m in the cannabis business,” said Chelby Dufourg of the Grass Lands sponsor F/eld. “So, uncertainty is kind of my thing.”
  • Fans are able to buy up to 7 grams of flower and two grams of concentrates.

Quick Hit

  1. In the trial of a man accused of kidnapping, torturing, and sexually mutilating an Orange County dispensary owner, the defendant testified that he escaped from prison before his trial only because he was “being railroaded.“ Prosecutors claim the combative defendant and two friends invaded a home where the Newport Beach entrepreneur was staying with intentions of taking $1M that the businessman didn’t actually have and then forcing him and a woman into a van. 
    OC Register