Previously relegated to insider gossip circles and dribs and drabs of news product, word that the weed at your dispensary likely isn’t 100% legal is on the loose.

California’s at-least-a-little-illegal legal weed industry revelation could portend the reconciliation between state REC and the traditional weed that made California great.
Or, maybe the public acknowledgment of widespread “playing in parallel markets” will serve as a pretext for MSOs to consolidate weed ownership.
MJ Biz Daily/Los Angeles Times

  • So much unregistered weed flows through the state that keeping one’s paws out of the figurative jar during one of The state’s dysfunction spasms has proved difficult.
  • “I have to imagine that 60% of the market overall is probably playing in parallel markets, but I don’t think they enjoy that. It’s truly a decision of necessity,” Pacific Expeditors narc, er, CEO Chris Columbe said.
  • Though a touchy subject — feds are watching — local California media have previously engaged this issue.

Quick Hits

  1. Meanwhile, your tax dollars went into busting a 78 year-old Squaw Valley grower and jacking his 2,000 plants, as well as another seizure of 1,400 lovely THC producers, this time in Calaveras County.
  2. More than 100,000 people attended last week’s World Ag Expo, in Tulare. Of the 1,400 exhibitors,  the most popular had space in the expo’s brand-new Hemp Education and Marketing Pavillion. Some of the most innovative hemp-cultivation technology and the people who sell it can be seen here.
    Foothills Sun Gazette/Hemp Industry Daily
  3. Regulation is a top issue in a Santa Barbara County Supervisors race. In an op-ed, a supporter of challenger Laura Capps goes after longtime incumbent Das Williams for what she calls a “shameless” coziness to the industry.
    Santa Barbara Independent