Florida’s Jushi Holdings was set to spend $12M on an unnamed San Diego dispensary but terminated the acquisition and launched a REC shop in Illinois.
Globe News Wire

  • On Sunday, Jushi officially shut down the California deal. The next day it began REC sales at Jushi’s Normal, Illinois site, the company’s second Illinois dispensary. 
  • A Canadian Securities Exchange-listed Jushi is still coming to Cali. The company simply isn’t going in like that. Or—as we should be saying—Jushi shan’t be coming out that way: Jushi reportedly is finalizing a license in Santa Barbara County and a delivery license in Culver City. 

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  1. The March cancellation of Harvest’s blockbuster $850M merger with Verano Holdings and the unexpected reversal that resulted in a High Times deal last month are only a few developments that have watchers wondering what’s up with the monster MSO.
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