Can you harken back  to the olden times — what, three years? — when pot people did not especially enjoy the police. (Take a sec, it’s profoundly hard to recall, and WeedWeek takes no responsibility for readers hurting their brains.)

Got it? Well, you best act like the antipathy is over and banished to memory, as the state keeps coming up with new ways to tamp down the so-called free market.  Stanislaus County law enforcement is  fining growers $1,000 a day for every plant above the six allowed for indoor cultivation.

The most surprising crackdowns might be arriving through the mail.
Modesto Bee

  • The City of Sacramento has in place a $500-per-plant fine that’s resulted in a bunch of lawsuits, each challenging the penalties as excessive.
  • Meanwhile the state is developing its take on the landlord-punishing approach that originated in San Diego. State officials have targeted 400 owners of property connected to trade in the traditional market.