It’s fascinating how stabs at writing can go on for thousands of words and give you very little that’s new, while a single Tweet can rock your world.

Has legalization achieved what Reagan could not have achieved? What J. Edgar Hoover only wished he could have done? Is the money-mad milieu of the Green Rush making lovely Mary Jane just another annoying cultural characteristic?

  • It’s not just the CEO who seeks to collaborate with Steve Bannon on a hempcrete wall. Or the budtender who exclaims — for the eighth rando purchase in a row — “That’s what smoke!”; she’s a symptom, not a cause. What’s ultimately annoying isn’t even the industry sales spiels that dependably cite “wellness” over getting high as their product’s main attribute? Our present annoyingness stems from just one source.
  • As Margolin pointed out in a follow-up Tweet on the cornying of cannabis, “the way it’s playing out still perpetuates racially unjust/socially inequitable paradigms, indulges unbridled consumerism and empty branding while only paying lip service to social justice.”