For years, much of the industry has been preoccupied with promoting cannabis as a health and wellness product. In pot marketing circles, words like ‘stoner’ and even ‘high’ are taboo. Now that we have so much time on our hands, some folks have reminded us that cannabis can also be a not especially productive way to pass the hours. And that’s OK.

  • In the absence of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, Leafly hosted Stoner Madness. It brackets determined — once and for all — the best way to get high.
  • Over at Weedmaps, they’re giving the bracket treatment to 32 favorite strains. It’s down to the dank sixteen and they’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

Actor and pot pitchman Seth Rogen got high and live-tweeted the new Cats movie:

Quick Hit

  1. The NBA said it would suspend random drug testing during the league’s hiatus.
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