If Santa Barbara has, in the early running, established itself as a legal weed star, then Pasadena may have established itself as the REC dunce. The city that has sued itself is now being accused of promoting unsanctioned sales, via policy.
Pasadena Now

  • City ordinance dispensary distance restrictions have limited the number of dispensaries operating legally in Pasadena to one, Harvest. City regulations would otherwise allow for as many as one dispensary per Council district to open.
  • George Boyadjian, founder of unlicensed 420 College says,”The City of Pasadena and most of the jurisdictions in California are kind of continuing the war on drugs and it’s not necessarily color-based like it was before, now it’s more of a economic warfare towards people who can afford it and who can’t. So the rich boys, the millionaires, get to play this game of, of legal cannabis.”

Quick Hit

  1. At a Jan. 6 meeting of the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee, a halt on business applications was recommended, until the glut can be managed.
    Bay Area Reporter