Two months ago, the FBI said in a podcast that, “corruption is more prevalent in western states where the licensing is decentralized—meaning the level of corruption can span from the highest to the lowest level of public officials.” Last week an indictment revealed that money men entangled in the President’s Ukranian scandal have ties to legal weed in Sacramento.

Now there’s a harsh new spotlight on corruption in California cannabis.
Sacramento Bee

  • Sacramento resident Andrey Kukushkin, who was indicted with associates of Rudy Giuliani is a Ukranian-born chief financial officer of Sacramento business THC, owned by Garib Karapetyan. A permit holder for eight local dispensaries, Karapetyan and his crew are effectively Sacramento pot royalty, with more licenses than anyone in town, by far.
    Sacramento Bee
  • The FBI’s announcement came on the heels of less exotic industry controversies in Kern County and Santa Barbara counties.
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