Getting your cannabiz property insured—especially if it’s a greenhouse, or has any company exposure in the USA—is still a challenge. Many insurers are loath to cover cannabis businesses, and the approach of edibles legalization hasn’t eased their concerns.
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  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance is a hurdle for many companies: Hexo said the inability to secure such insurance was behind their head office’s move from Quebec to Ontario.
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  1. Two Calgarians—who applied for AGLC REC retail licenses and were turned down—are on the run after their illicit online dispensary was busted. Another man, and four companies, face related charges, while the two cannabis fugitives are believed in Nova Scotia.
    CBC Calgary
  2. The Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis said Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association president Kieley Beaudry was “mistakenly provided with inaccurate information” an AGLC rep told her in December, “individuals with Micro Cultivation/Processing Licenses do not produce enough product for AGLC.” The AGLC said they will “consider procuring product from Micro Cultivation/Processing licensees that have a valid recreational sales licence from Health Canada.”