The landscape of sports is bereft of news. Junkies are watching ancient hoops and baseball contests. Talking heads have come closer to talking about actual nothing than was ever possible. The Michael Jordan documentary is being doled out on a weekly basis.

Then, this week new Laker Dion Waiters — play stopped a week after his acquisition — opened up about depression and last year’s mystery-enshrouded edibles episode. And, for a moment, we were sated.
The Players’ Tribune

  • Waiters, 28, signed with Los Angeles on March 6. He had played three games with the Miami Heat this year before being traded and subsequently cut. The precipitating incident came on a November flight from Phoenix, when the high-scoring forward reacted badly to an ingested edible and had to be removed from the plane. 
  • In the Tribune, Waiters expressed regret and denied having a seizure during the incident. “The [Heat] can speak on it. For that b.s. to come out, it ain’t right. I made a mistake, but for someone to leak that, and for my family to hear it? Shit. It ain’t right,” he writes.