WeedWeek readers are familiar with the systemic difficulties associated with running cannabis companies. But a couple of interesting posts this week highlighted some of the industry’s unforced errors.

  • Beard Bros Pharms posits a theory: “Massive cannabis brands are crumbling…The reasons for their failures are many, but we contend that at the root of many of these predictable outcomes was some misguided attempt to build the brand to appeal to these supposed saviors of legal weed – the phantom ‘new cannabis consumer’ – while neglecting to provide anything for the longtime connoisseurs to connect to.”
  • Max Simon, CEO of video content company Green Flower Media, wrote about five ways to end the toxic work culture at cannabis companies. Across the industry, he writes, “There are serious workplace safety concerns and harassment, unjust firings and layoffs, and a lack of any training or career development.”
    Green Entrepreneur

Quick Hit

  1. Michigan brand Narvona became the first cannabis company to win a Global Packaging Award from the PAC Packaging Consortium.