The cannabis industry is blaming the illegal market for the mysterious vaping disease which has sickened more than 450 and killed five.

Some insiders believe the news could drag on legal vape sales. Morgan Paxhia, managing director of cannabis investment fund, Poseidon Asset Management, said legal operators could be scapegoated.

  • Vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from Vitamin E, has been found in THC vape samples collected from people who have fallen ill across the country including nearly all of the samples collected in New York. New York’s health department posted pictures of Dank Vapes and Chronic Carts brand products found to contain vitamin E acetate. However, health officials say it’s too early to determine whether it is the cause.
    Washington Post
  • Oregon officials said a middle-aged adult who died in July of respiratory illness had vaped cannabis oil purchased at a legal shop. “Pot shops kill. Close them down,” anti-legalization activist Kevin Sabet tweeted.
  • Dumas de Rauly, CEO of vaporizer company The Blinc Group said Vitamin E acetate is not used in standard cannabis or vape cartridge production. “Vitamin E is what we call a preservative. That’s what you add into cosmetics to make sure the product does not become spoiled,” he said. “In no case is this a product that you should be inhaling.”
  • Canopy Growth interim CEO Mark Zekulin is on “what might be termed an “everyone calm down” tour this week,” CNN writes.
  • The New York Times’ opinion page asks “Have We Hit Peak Vape Panic?”