By its second year of operations, the state’s annual legal weed per-capita sales totaled $70 per customer. Contrast that with the Year Two-numbers for Colorado, $99; Oregon, $97; and Washington, $89. Had Cali kept pace with these states in selling REC and MED, it would have amounted to an additional $1B in sales. 
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  • The usual suspects are considered to blame: consumer loyalty to old-school and affordable unregistered product, whose makers have shockingly low overhead; and the irregular patchwork of regulation governing where cannabis businesses can operate.
  • Long Beach, Oakland, and Monterey County are among the municipalities that have dropped taxes in response to industry outcry over high taxes role in nurturing the unregulated market. 


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  1. Flow Kana is closing down its Southern Humboldt County trimming facility. The official reason is difficulty staffing the remote site. 
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  2. After its legalization bill passed the Senate subcommittee, Mexico is one legislative vote away — and a Presidential stamp of approval — away from having its own Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis. We wish that nation well. 
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  3. Sydney Green didn’t win his bid for a Beverly Hills City Council seat on Tuesday, but this rabbi’s campaign broke new ground for pro-cannabis candidates everywhere.