It’s easy to minimize that, in spite of a regulatory course that’s complex and evolving, CA compliant cannabis sales are expected to top $3.1B in 2020 and leap to as much a $7.2B in four years, according to a 2019 report by BDS Analytics.

A lot’s going right, and that’s why Gov. Gavin Newsom’s consolidation plan for government oversight may travel.

  • The new plan is to invest authority over the industry in one decision-making body. At present, state-level governance has consisted of the Bureau of Cannabis Control trying to oversee retailers, delivery services, microbusinesses, distributors, events, and testing labs. Food and Agriculture regulates growers, inadequately. And, finally, the Department of Public Health gives it the old community college try at governing cannabis manufacturers. Coordination of the fast-moving bud game within this framework has been loose stool.
  • Though no state is like California, Newsom’s streamlining process could be applied in other states.

Quick Hit

  1. In the southeastern California town of Perris,  a customer in pursuit of illicit market cannabis happened to catch a glimpse of the location’s grow portion and was snatched up for ransom.
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