The always-acquisitive cannabis experience crowd is less than a month into having Lowell Cafe to chew on, and it is looking for the next edible thing. If you you’re close to West Hollywood, you don’t have to look far. The health-and-wellness restaurant Cafe Aeon Botanika is on its way.
Eater LA

  • Guests will be able to smoke and vape in comfort. State law doesn’t allow restaurants to infuse its own food — a rule that doesn’t seem even a tiny bit pointlessly hamstringing — so the restaurant will only sell edibles made elsewhere. Cafe Aeon Botanika is expected to open in the spring.
  • Fifteen companies have secured restaurant permits in the city. The next to open will be a plant-based concern operated by Fred 62 chef and founder owner Fred Erici. The locale is a former mattress salon and kickboxing studio on Santa Monica Boulevard.