As 2019 closed out, the State did the opposite of what the cannabis industry requested: California announced it would raise pot taxes.

Also in December, “How High,” a report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, presented “as a least worse option” that we switch to a taxation formula based on THC levels.

This “How High” departure would leave behind the current weight-based system, which the report calls the weakest option.
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  • Harm reduction is an element of motivation behind the proposed restructuring. “The negative effects of cannabis use seem to be particularly high for high-potency products, high-frequency use, and youth use,” analyst Gabriel Petek writes.
  • Unsurprisingly, the industry isn’t super up for shifting tax modes. Zachary Pitts California Cannabis Delivery Alliance president said he was “stunned” that California would “think [this] is an acceptable solution for anything.”

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  1. The company formerly known as Origin House, CannaRoyalty Corp., is part of Cresco Labs now that the merger has closed. New year, same consolidation.
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  2. Trinity County legend Bailous Eugene Smith was an old-school rabble rouser, a Vietnam vet and pot pioneer who joined a bunch of gold prospectors deep in the Trinity Alps, lived off the land, and grew weed. This week he died at 72.
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