Ashleigh Brown of women-and-MED advocacy group SheCann passed along emails [see above] she received from an affiliate of CBD multi-level marketing company Hempworx encouraging her to become a part-time CBD seller from home.

Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Awards finally gave its first award for a cannabis product to Kitchener, ON, cannabis-container makers Keep Labs, then banned them from mentioning cannabis. Keep Labs pulled out of the show.
TechCrunch, Canadian Business

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  1. “Dry January” is becoming “High January” as people ditching hootch for the first month of the new year discover that’s easier when they’re stoned.
    Global News
  2. Carry the Kettle Nakoda First Nation in Saskatchewan will partner with BC’s Indigenous Bloom to develop an Indigenous-owned REC wholesale business on reserve-owned land housing a former tree nursery with 350,000 square feet of indoor growing space.
    CTV News