As health minister Patty Hajdu announced the legalization of 2.0 products, she made what many in the industry felt to be an unfair warning about cannabis: “The best way for Canadians to protect their health is not to consume cannabis.”

Via email, Health Canada spokesperson Tammy Jarbeau referred me to the final report of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization, which acknowledged “The harms associated with the use of tobacco or alcohol are greater than those associated with the use of cannabis,” but counselled imposing laws “stricter than those that exist for tobacco or alcohol” in order to avoid the “pitfalls” that resulted in lax alcohol regulation.

Quick Hits

  1. This week CTV News instructed readers on how best to cook with cannabis, named cannabis edibles as one of 2020’s food trends to watch, and instructed readers on how to avoid consuming too many edibles. Cottage Life, meanwhile, wondered, “Is it time to add curing cannabis to your DIY repertoire?” Normalization seems to be happening first in Canada’s pantries.
    CTV News, Cottage Life
  2. A survey by PR firm Hill+Knowlton found many Canadians are eager to try non-impairing cannabis products.