At the start of this month we let you know U.S. Customs and Border Protection overstep has become an operator issue in Southern California. More stories of Border Patrol abuse are coming to light as even hemp is being unjustly interdicted and merchants are losing thousands.

  • In April, a driver from a company called Infinite CAL lost their legal hemp samples while traveling on Interstate 8, which runs east-west near the California-Mexico border. Border Patrol seized the hemp despite the driver’s legit paperwork and his cargo being labeled and locked. It was the company’s fourth seizure since March.
  • The presence of the Border Patrol in the supply chain can feel harassing for industry workers with dodgy citizenship paperwork. Marijuana use by a non citizen can bring deportation, visa revocation, denial of entry, as well as rejection of any application for citizenship.

Quick hit

  1. Last week the state and the Fresno Police Department broke up a smoke sesh, or busted what some in more refined corners call a farmer’s market. The state is poised to crack down on such unlicensed meet-ups of cultivators, sellers and customers.
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