Less than a decade ago, Kristen Yoder was a fresh-fased ambassador for the cannabis industry, working at a Venice dispensary. In 2019 she’s the openly embittered host of the Canna B.S Detector podcast.

Let’s give ourselves a round of applause, we members of this Differently Shady Kind of Industry, for burning though people like we burn through cash.

  • The 14-year veteran advises newcomers on how to succeed in the California market. “If you don’t lower your expectations, she said, “you’re going to lose your freaking mind. Because, whether or not we want the industry to be professional, it’s not there yet.”
  • Yoder also hosts a radio show called Soil to the Oil. She asks guests to focus on their crazy, scary or funny stories. “I’m kind of like don’t talk about your positive stories, because that’s literally every other show. I want everyone to know it’s a shit show.”
  • Yoder also serves up straight talk on concentrates. You know? The ones that may do more harm than good but the biz keeps pushing like it’s easy as marshmallows. “I love it, dude. I love it. But I can’t function on it,” she confesses. “And I have a problem.” She argues that in 2010 the L.A. vibe shifted after youth began partaking on a large scale. “I gotta tell you, if I was dabbing in high school I don’t know where I’d be. It’s scary what’s going on with the young people, but maybe I’m just an old person.” Or a principled one.