The Federal Trade Commission appears to be taking an increasingly tough stance on unsubstantiated CBD claims, as evidenced by its suit against Whole Leaf Organics. Falling by the wayside may be the softer touch of the warning letter.
Marijuana Moment

  • The FTC said the company claimed its Thrive nutritional supplement could treat or reduce the risk of cancer and contracting the novel coronavirus. This week Whole Leaf Organics’ owner Marc Ching assented in a preliminary injunction hearing to an order barring Whole Leaf  from asserting products can treat COVID-19 or cancer. The agreement is not an admission of guilt; a hearing is set for January 2021.
  • Ching had previously received a Food and Drug Administration warning letter over his CBD product claims. But earlier this month former NFL player Kyle Turley published similarly unsubstantiated claims and merely received a letter asking that he cease.

Quick Hit

  1. We all know cannabis is now essential. This week, WeedWeek business columnist Dan Mitchell asked what that means.