The jury is out on how former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher will go down in history. Many in 2019’s legal weed game — not to be confused with those who grew this puppy over decades, on the down-low — will mainly only remember the representative’s pioneering work in cannabis.

Those of us who live with the everyday specter of class and race divisions were still weighing the merits of Putin’s so-called favorite Congressman, until this week when Rohrabacher announced that he’s joining the board of social media company BudTrader.

Now we’re wondering if maybe we should just smoke less weed.

  • The 15-term Orange County representative also signed on as an advisor to Colombian grower PharmaCielo. With BudTrader — whose CEO’s politics are similarly Trumpy — he will also be a shareholder. Rohrabacher said his new industry positions will enable him to “continue the fight for cannabis legalization on a national level.”
  • His D.C. achievements include the Rohrbacher-Farr Amendment, which prevents the Justice Department from using federal funds to interfere with state MED programs.
  • He also once submitted a bill that would require at least one parent to be a U.S. citizen before a U.S.-born kid is granted the same status. After George Bush’s highly-suspect 2000 Presidential win, Rohrabacher said, “George W. Bush becoming president is just further proof of the existence of God.”
  • Sasha Baron Cohen pantsed him over his gun-nut tendencies on Showtime.
  • In February, Rohrabacher tweeted an October Facebook post from BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin. The post was titled “Use Industrial Hemp Materials to Build a U.S./Mexico Border Wall Funded by: The Cannabis Industry/Federal Cannabis Tax.” The tweet read, “Kudos to @StephenBannon @erikprince @realDonaldTrump: A HEMP-BASED CONCRETE BORDER WALL a win for USA security & taxpayers, farmers, veterans & environmentalists. Bold thinking! It’s affordable & will work.”
  • Retired members of Congress are treating marijuana like coal or soy beans and conservatives are, perhaps inevitably, flooding the industry. But they lack depth in the field; this doesn’t have to be who we are.

Quick Hits

  1. The State Senate passed a bill that would establish a closed payments system, one that would at least enable cannabis businesses to easily pay their taxes and — possibly — vendors and employees. It’s called the Cannabis Limited Charter Banking and Credit Union Law.
    East Bay Express/Times of CBD
  2. Tomorrow the price goes up on the Hempstaff job webinar. This training course is billed as “a fast paced, 4-hour course with a summary exam at the end.” The aim is that at that conclusion you know enough to work in a California MED dispensary.