One of the most unusual legislative sessions in Sacramento history came to a close this week, and the volume of industry-impacting action was dizzying.
Marijuana Moment

  • The top headline belonged to passage of Assembly Bill 1872, which puts a desperately needed freeze on tax rates.
  • In slightly smaller type is Assembly Bill 1525, which establishes for canna-business banking, “an entity, as defined, that receives deposits, extends credit, conducts fund transfers, transports cash or financial instruments, or provides other financial services, including public accounting.”
  • Growers can now designate their weed’s origin with passage of Senate Bill 67, which establishes California’s appellation program.
  • The Assembly passed a bill that will allow manufacturers to submit unpackaged product in testing. 
  • For two years running, the effort to put through legislation that would regulate CBD in food, drink, makeup, and dietary supplements has failed to cohere before deadline. 

Quick Hits

  1. Why are we among the worldwide leaders in progressive cannabis policy, yet dispensaries need a special license to sell hemp flower and infusing edibles with CBD isn’t legal?
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  2. The eastern Fresno County town of Clovis is best known for prep sports excellence and supporting Devin Nunes’ continued representation in DC. Clovis is also gaining fame as lead burgh in the delivery lawsuit against California. How conservative is that?
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  3. There’s a historical narrative behind why alcohol is culturally ingrained and “California sober” is a phrase newly happening, writes Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi.
  4. On Sunday, three-time All-Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins announced via Facebook that he’s the latest big-time athlete to join the legal weed game. The Oakland native’s pre-roll is available in Hayward
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