As part of an investigation, U.S. Attorneys in the California’s Eastern District  have subpoenaed  Weedmaps’ parent company, Ghost Management. The information being sought includes details on companies listed on the platform.

The “Yelp of Weed” has responded by describing the probe as routine
CBS MarketWatch

  • The feds, who did not comment for the story, are also seeking documents related to the company’s staff, investors and accounting. A source told CBS the initial requests were related to Weedmaps cannabis-buying service.
  • A WeedMaps spokesperson said, “Given our role as the largest technology company in the cannabis sector, from time to time, Weedmaps receives requests for information from government agencies. We cooperate with these requests as we do with all lawful inquiries. Our corporate policy is not to comment to the media about any specific legal matters or inquiries with respect to the company or any of its customers.”