Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty (CCA) director Annamaria Enenajor called the federal government’s cannabis record-suspension program an “abject failure,” arguing the program’s high rejection rates result from unclear eligibility criteria.

Only 436 of the estimated half-million Canadians with possession records have received pardons since the pardon system was launched last year.
Huffington Post, Law & Style, Twitter–@Nick_Pateras

  • Enenajor said the onus should be on Ottawa to suspend records, not on those convicted under prohibition. The CCA continues to push for expungement of cannabis possession convictions from all databases.
  • David Brown, Health Canada cannabis team member turned founder of StratCann, called expungement a “myth” that is “not logistically possible.”

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty stresses prohibition disproportionately affected Black and Indigenous Canadians. As the U.S. sector faces the challenge of confronting the racism of prohibition, Filipina-Canadian cannabis educator Abi Sampson called for the Canadian sector to build equity programs to address that disparity.
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