Past WeedWeek podcast guest Amanda Chicago Lewis offers much insight on the deep on the “high-margin product in a business with increasingly thin margins” that is vaping.
California Sunday Magazine

  • Public health officials believe more than Vitamin E acetate is at the heart of last years illness spike. Analysis from the Mayo Clinic, among other research bodies, points to other causes.
  • “Scared straight” tactics aren’t driving away pen fans. Psychologist and public-policy analyst Robert MacCoun said, “We moralize to kids and exaggerate the harms, and then their own experience doesn’t match up… They were hearing about the most extreme harms, but that’s not what they’re observing among their friends, so they go to the other extreme and dismiss all harms.”
  • This week the state announced that 75% of the illicit vapes seized by the state last December tested contained additives such as Vitamin E acetate. (Many also contained just a fraction of the THC advertised.)