Canopy can take comfort that it wasn’t alone in reporting a loss this week. Aurora reported $75.2M in quarterly revenue, well beneath analysts’ estimates of $90.6M.

Cronos reported it more than tripled its revenue with $12.7M for the quarter, which nonetheless fell short of the $14.1M analysts forecasted.
New Cannabis Ventures, CBC Business

Tilray posted a US$35.7M net loss, up from US$18.7 year over year.

Organigram issued Q4 guidance predicting net revenue of $16.3M, a significant step down from last quarter’s $24.8M revenue, as well as from analyst predictions of $27M.
New Cannabis Ventures, MJ Biz Daily

Ontario LP Beleave abandoned plans for a production facility in London, Ontario, putting its greenhouse there up for sale.
London Free Press

Licensed processor and white-label producer MediPharm Labs posted optimistic quarterly results. CEO Pat McCutcheon said sector oversupply “bodes extremely well” for the company, as it will drive down the price of cannabis biomass.
Globe and Mail