Independent growers in Mexico have a vision: No more gunfights in the street. No more neighborhoods and towns under siege. Now the wave is new seeds from The States and Europe and climate-controlled environments, all to make stronger, more refined products as well as oils and other derivatives. Most importantly, no violent middle men between growers and the marketplace. 

Welcome to ethical weed in Mexico

  • Cartel-free marijuana farming is happening in infamously violent Sinaloa. Romas are being planted by independent farmers, inside greenhouses as well as in homes.
  • These farms are in the minority and incentivized not to grow too big. “As long as you stay small and not too flashy you might avoid the vultures. But that’s a big if,” one farmer says. Most independent growers don’t yet have the resources needed to grow great pot.

Quick Hits

  1. Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in favor cannabis legalization in 2018, setting fall 2019 as a deadline for legislative implementation. Earlier this year in Mexico City came a delay. Guess what happened this week.
    Marijuana Moment
  2. West Hollywood’s Original Cannabis Cafe was the first licensed consumption venue. Now it’s Los Angeles’ first drive-through cafe.