Former NBA star, WeedWeek podcast guest, and L.A. staple Al Harrington (pictured here with upcoming guest Karim Webb) has launched Root and Rebound, a reentry program for those struggling with criminal justice issues. Green Entrepreneur

  • Using his L.A.-based company Viola Brands, Harrington has launched Root and Rebound to provide records for justice seekers “through public education, direct advocacy, and policy reform.”
  • West Coast legal weed social justice ethos all comes together with the news that expungement pied piper Rick Ross is hiring for his dispensary… which is also part of a reality show.


Quick Hit

  1. Just because you don’t want to think about it doesn’t mean there aren’t other people out here willing to go there. So, we’ll just, um, say it… Ahem: There’s potential for at least short-term commercial upside to the coronavirus for US hemp and CBD producers. Green Entrepreneur