For some, the early August rains have put the annual burning forests to the back of our minds. Yet, the impact of wildfires on the cannabis crop is unforgettable for any grower who’s been caught unprepared in the past.

  • Growers must also respond properly to nearby catastrophes. Critical decisions must be made about detecting smoke-tainted bud and when, exactly to destroy it.
  • Aster Farms operator Julia Jacobsen lost her crop to last year’s big fire in Mendocino. She said. “If you live in California, the wildfires will touch you in some way, somehow, at some point. As much as you can prepare, there is no way to truly anticipate what the experience is like, how terrifying nature can be.”

Quick Hit

  1. The Department of Fish and Wildlife wants you to know that its only motivation is a concern about nature and, by extension, legal cannabis. The only people who could possibly disagree dwell in the comments section.
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