Just about every Halloween there are alarmist stories about candy spiked with illegal drugs. This week on LinkedIn a well-known figure in SoCal cannabis circles shared a more plausible– in the generic sense* — story about edibles spiked with date rape drugs.

On LinkedIn, Kristen Yoder recounted a situation at an illicit L.A. session, which she learned about on Instagram:

“A woman was roofied via edible, directly from the edible manufacturer, as was her friend. She woke up hours later in the backseat of her car without her shorts or underwear and obvious signs of rape. Her drug test came back positive for Rohypnol.”

Yoder added:

“If you’re at an underground/illicit cannabis event, be especially wary. Not only are they getting raided by the police often, the vendors are selling untested, unregulated products, and the “security guards” are usually nonexistent or incompetent(or criminals!).”

*I was not able to read the text in screenshots Yoder posted and don’t know if they identify any individuals or companies.

Quick Hit

  1. The Guardian looks at the awful lives of workers in illegal U.K. pot farms. Many are Vietnamese teenagers who were trafficked and enslaved.