A California LLC has achieved the remarkable, a feat usually reached by the allergic and obese: By trademarking their chocolate product with the name Psilocybin, Black Panda gave us complicated feelings about chocolate.

Black Panda’s product will melt in your hands, but do nothing for your mind.
Marijuana Moment 

  • According to Black Panda’s mission statement is so named to “begin educating, enlightening and supporting the community in upgrading their inner vibrations in order to get everything they want of their time here on earth.”
  • Denver legalization leader Kevin Matthews described  magic mushrooms’ recent insurgence as “an open-source movement” and described the Black Panda move as “lacking perspective.”
  • Founder, Scarlet Ravin, said she chose the name as part of an educational effort to set the drug apart from weed, which Ravin said has been corrupted from its “true spiritual, medicinal benefit” and transformed into a corporate commodity. It’s complicated.