Activist and filmmaker Kevin Smith says he campaign to approve the California Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act — a ballot initiative that would aid the industry through licensing and tax revisions — ought to be allowed to use digital signatures.

Smith wondered whether state inaction might doom the campaign. “Being that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that it would be irresponsible to send people out to get signatures, will digital signatures be enough?”
Marijuana Moment

  • The initiative would cap excise taxes at 10 percent, eliminate MED taxes, and mandate that half of tax revenue to go toward developing the legal weed industry.
  • Leadership of California’s movement to legalize psilocybin made a similar request, and the timing is even more fortuitous than you may think: Scientists have discovered that psilocybin — along with LSD — regularly produces antidepressants in rats

Quick Hit

  1. Earlier this month, El Cajon puts put a host ordinance in place. That means in this San Diego suburb weed is now just like alcohol in that party hosts and property owners can be held responsible for weed provided to minors.