The inevitable scripted procedural series about the Vape Crisis will look like nothing we’ve ever seen. Law enforcement and scientists will comb through crime scenes and laboratories for answers, but also social media detectives will be scrutinizing Instagram, the Cash app, et al, in trying to untangle the illicit cannabis narrative circa 2019.

An inflection point will likely be the fingering of a company called Dank Vapes
MJBiz, Mashable

  • Its IG bio states only, “Nothing is for sale” But in the comments sections third-party distributors advertise the goods.
  • Though the Dank Vapes Instagram account is registered in LA, there may not be an actual Dank Vapes company at all. An August report from Inverse concluded that the brand is “one of the biggest conspiracies in all of marijuana” — a packaging company “with no quality control or oversight.” 

Meanwhile, the health scare and ensuing business crisis led 800 of the industry’s biggest names to sign a letter to Senate Majority and Minority Leaders Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) asking for cannabis to be descheduled.
Marijuana Moment

And in this opinion piece, Seattle’s Bruce Barcott is talking to his governor, but he could very well be talking to ours when he says vape bans will make things worse.