With facilities in 23 states, Massachusetts-based Curaleaf has become one of the country’s leading MSOs.

  • “While other MSOs have scrapped acquisitions in recent months, Curaleaf has completed two big deals since February totaling more than $1 billion in value: Oregon-based Cura Partners and, most recently, Illinois-based Grassroots Cannabis.”
  • WeedWeek has recently reported on several lawsuits involving Curaleaf: It has been sued for sending spam text messages. (The company declined to comment.)
  • A separate lawsuit claims Cura Partners, mislabeled the THC content of its Select Elite vape cartridges, at least some of which were purchased before the merger completed. (Cura says a similar suit was dismissed.)
  • Curaleaf’s success stems in part from the backing of Russian billionaire Andrei Blokh and Boris Jordan, the firm’s executive chair, an American with extensive ties to Russia.
  • Curaleaf posted Q2 revenue of $121.4M.
  • On Wall Street, there are ????rumors of a merger between MSOs Trulieve and Green Thumb Industries, which both posted nearly identical earnings for the same quarter.
  • MSO Columbia Care is closing its acquisition of venerable Colorado player The Green Solution which will make it a force in the country’s second largest market.

Lawyer Robert Hoban says the falls of previous industry “titans” such as MedMen, “is not surprising, it’s natural.