On August 15, an Alameda grower named Sean was posting pics of his gorgeous rosin on Instagram to his friends. Four days later he watched millions in plants and equipment, his sheds and his dreams melt, puddled “in tornados of fire.”

This week, as tragic stories play out for grows throughout the state, be certain that blazes will pose “an existential threat to Northern California’s celebrated pot growers.”

  • The Lightning Complex Fires—35% contained by Friday—in particular contributed to 2,187 square miles burning. Seven are dead as a result of the blazes. (Through Aug. 24.) 
  • “Nine years of blood, sweat and tears in that place,” Sean said. “It’s going to be a really bad year for a lot of people. Already, it’s just been like a wham-bam-bam combo.”
  • Meanwhile cannabusiness could be worsening matters. As climate change grows more severe, the industry sends more cultivators indoors. There they find more control over temperature and humidity, but exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Consumers should to be mindful of the bud they consume. Said Leafly California Bureau Chief Dave Downs: “You’re seeing advertisements for cannabis that has been contaminated by wild fire retardant. This cannabis looks red or pink, and that certainly is something you want to throw away.”

Quick Hits

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